My Cake Decorating Class / Day 1

Me in front of the studio      Hi! Today is the day when I went to my cake decorating class to decorate cakes. I went to Chef Heny Sison‘s cake decorating class with my mom. When we went inside the building, we saw people cleaning and fixing the kitchen and some tables. We went upstairs. Mom paid a woman at a desk. Behind her, I saw a man reading a newspaper on a table. And behind the man stood two large bookshelves filled with lots of books about cooking and baking. The woman at the desk gave me a name tag and said, “Stick this on your apron.” I took the name tag. We went back downstairs. I went to a table and sat on a chair beside a girl. Mom gave me a camera and asked me to take pictures. After that, she left me.  😀

The class started by introducing ourselves to the whole class. I came first. I told the whole class who I am, my age and where I live. I am not surprised that most of them are girls. I sat back down to my seat. Chef Heny Sison, the teacher, was starting to tell us how to make buttercream icing. First, she mixed some sugar, water, shortening, salt and some vanilla in a mixer on low speed for about five minutes. Then she added a little more shortening and mixed it for another five minutes. She then scraped the sides of the bowl with a wooden spoon and mixed it for another five minutes at second speed. And that’s how she made buttercream icing.  🙂

She taught us how to use a piping bag. She also taught us icing designs, like stars,(*) dots,(.) and waves (~). After she showed us the designs, she asked us to practice those designs. While we were practicing, an assistant gave me a pen and a piece of paper and asked me to write what I wanted to eat for lunch. “Could you pass it around ?” he asked. I nodded. I then wrote what I wanted, then gave the paper to the girl beside me then continued to practice. Then, the Chef called us to her kitchen. She showed us how to brush shortening and make a cake. ” This cake is the one you are going to design tomorrow.”, she said. We all followed her directions and we each made one cake. My cake’s mold is a swan. I will show you the finished cake on the next post but right now we are mixing the cake mix, some corn oil, and some butter in a mixer. Then we put the mix on a mold we like and put it in the oven. After we each made a cake, the Chef said, ” Lunch break”. Then she went out of the door.

The kitchen12:00 AM

We ate our lunch while we practiced. We saw our cakes coming out of the oven. They flattened the top by cutting off the top of our cakes. When we finished eating, we continued practicing. After  at least 30 minutes, Chef Heny Sison came through the door and said, “Okay, time for making flower icing.” She went to the kitchen counter and took a pastry bag halfway filled with royal icing. She then went to my seat and showed us how to make a flower. Everyone gathered around my table to see how the flowers are made.

The cake decorating class The pictures below are: the flowers the Chef made and the other picture beside it is the class watching the teacher.

Icing flowers       When the Chef asked us to make flowers, they all went back to their seats. Some went back to my table to look at the flowers again. We made a lot of flowers. After we made flowers, we put the trays on the kitchen counter. The Chef said we could go home now and she asked some students to bring aprons. We all packed up our things. When I am done, I went outside to see my mom, my little brother and my little sister waiting for me. We took a taxi back home, since we do not have a car.

The cake mixIcing Design (dots / stars)Waves / Icing designDesignTriangle stars designStar icing

Well, that’s how the whole day started and ended. There are more posts coming so keep coming back for the latest stories. And if you have some questions and comments, don’t hesitate to leave some of your questions/comments below my post. And you can find me on Facebook by typing ” Gabrielle Feria ” on the Facebook’s search bar. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. You can also read my brothers’ blog by clicking any of the links below:

Thank you for reading! See you till the next post! 😀
2 Responses to “My Cake Decorating Class / Day 1”
  1. ertha says:

    You really write well, Zoe! Keep it up! I hope Carissa and Eunice can write as well as you do!

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