Comparing prices

Greetings to readers! Welcome to my third entry of my blog. We are just going to take a break at baking and concentrate on this one. This post is about comparing prices on two markets – one is a supermarket, the other, a wet market. So read on to learn about the difference of the prices on one place to the other.

August 7, 2011

Today I woke up a little later than my family did. But we all ate breakfast together. As we ate, mom said to my father, “I’m thinking of going to the wet market with these two.” And she pointed to me and my brother, Eco. “I just wanted to compare the prices between the wet market and the…. oh, Shopwise. I just wanted to see which market would cost better for the charity on Friday. It won’t take too long. We’ll be home before lunch.” “Okay.”, said my father. You see, my mom was planning a charity. Maybe on my next entry it’s about feeding kids. I don’t really know. Anyway, we took a bath and dressed for the trip. As we dressed, I glanced at Eco. Mom knew we both despise the wet market. Eco looked really grim. Mom said, ” Don’t worry. We’ll just look at some prices. You’ll see.” We then finished dressing up. Then we went outside and waited for mom. Mom locked the gate and said, ” Come on. Let’s go!” 😉

We went to the wet market first by jeep. When we got to the destination, the wet market is just over the other side. We used the overpass to reach it. When we arrived, we started to take notes of the prices of some fruits, flour, and some other things. Here’s the list of all the food we took note of:

  • banana ( lakatan) :15 pieces for 41 pesosA fruits and vegetables stallSacks and sacks of elbow macaroniCommonwealth wet market
  • grapes : 1/4 kilo for 15 pesos
  • lychee : 1/2 kilo for 45 pesos
  • longgan : 1/4 kilo for 25 pesos
  • mango : 1/2 kilo for 40 pesos
  • seedless orange : 1 piece for 20 pesos
  • rambutan : 1/4 kilo (10 pcs.) for 25 pesosMore eggs?Eggs, eggs, eggsMy brother looking at items in a stall
  • flour : 1 kilo for 46 pesos
  • sugar : 1 kilo for 44 pesos
  • ordinary flour : 1 kilo for 32 pesos
  • wheat flour : 1 kilo for 40 pesos
  • macaroni ( pasta) : 1 kilo for 52 pesos
  • brown sugar : 1 kilo for 37 pesos
  • salt : 1 kilo for 10 pesos
  • pepper : 1 kilo for 260 pesos

After we looked at those things, we left the market and started to look for a jeep that will take us to Shopwise.  Whew! That was tiring! But I was relieved to leave the hot, cramped market. We then started to walk inside the building. I haven’t seen that place before, but it was good to see it. 😉

When we went in, clothes and appliances blocked the supermarket. ” Oh. Why would they put clothes in front of a supermarket?”, asked mom. ” Maybe they want us to see their clothes. “, I replied. But, we easily found the supermarket. We took a shopping cart with us, because father was asking us to buy some things. Here’s the list of the food we wrote down:

  • salt : 500 grams for 31 pesosMy brother with pastasDifferent kinds of drinksFlour and cornstarch
  • apple : 12 pieces for 125 pesos
  • seedless oranges : 6 pieces for 166 pesos
  • Del Monte salad macaroni : 1 kilo for 101 pesos
  • Surebuy Elbow Macaroni : 1 kilo for 76 pesos
  • Del Monte spaghetti sauce (italian style) : 1 kilo for 78.50 pesos
  • Quickmelt! cheese : 950 grams for 316 pesosFruitsDifferent kinds of sugarSacks of rice
  • Cheezee cheese : 950 grams for 204 pesos
  • Magnolia gold butter : 225 grams for 99 pesos
  • Yakult drink : 5 pieces for 40 pesos
  • Nestlé Fresh milk : 1 liter for 67 pesos
  • Dutch Mill drink : 90 ml for 8 pesos
  • Alaska yoghurt : 110 ml for 11 pesos
  • mayonnaise : 1.75 liters for 32 pesos
  • Magnolia pimiento cheese : 235 grams for 79.50

After the list, we bought the things needed at home, including the food needed for Eco’s recipes. Then we waited in line on the counter. We all went home feeling tired.

You should see that some kinds of food in the wet market were cheaper than the food in Shopwise. And some food in Shopwise were cheaper than the food in the wet market. I know that the pepper in Shopwise was cheaper than the pepper in the wet market, and that’s (just may be) true.
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