My Cake Decorating Class 2

Hi! Welcome to the second part of ” My Cake decorating Class”. ♣ ♥ ♦ ♠

Today started with me and my mom walking in the building. It was still 7:00 and my class starts at 9:00. Mom asked me, “Do you want something to eat?” I agreed. Me and my mom went to a small store. I bought a pack of cookies and some chips. I offered mom some food but she refused. So I finished all of the food. After I finished eating, I washed my hands in the restroom. Then, I looked at the time. It was 7:30. I sat back on the chair and waited. And waited. Until mom said, “Maybe you could take some pictures of some cakes while there are no people yet.” So I did take some pictures. The picture below is an example:

Flower pot cakeWhen at least three people, two of them are my classmates, went in the studio, mom told me that she was now leaving me, since I had some company. I said okay and went to my table. I sat on my chair for a while, then I remembered my flowers. I went to the kitchen counter and looked at my flowers. It was already stiff. I brought the tray to my table and took out the plastic containers that I brought with me. I put the icing flowers in it and closed the container with the lid.

I put the plastic containers away and sat at the table where my cake is. More people arrived. Some of them greeted me, and I also returned the greeting. Then the Chef arrived and asked me to bring my cake to a different chair, since my cake doesn’t have space on the table. The table can only hold two cakes with a turning table below it. So I took my cake and sat down to a different table. By that time, all but one student was in the studio. It was now exactly 9:00. Now the class was ready to start. 😛

Icing flowers (finished) 2Icing flowers (finished)The Chef called all of us to the kitchen counter and showed us how to decorate our cake cleanly and properly. She said that the only way to design it properly was to start with the background design and finish with the smallest details. So we went back to our seats after she demonstrated and I looked at the piece of paper on which to copy the picture on the cake. I walked near the sink and put a dollop of icing onto a bowl. I put a drop of food coloring into the icing. I added a little more food coloring when the icing needs to be darker. Finally, I got the desired color. I took the bowl with me to my table and used my spatula to spread the brown-colored icing as a background of my cake. I brought the cake, turning table, the bowl and my spatula to the kitchen counter and decorated my cake there. The reason I brought all those things there is that I needed to dip the spatula into the boiling water every time I even out the icing to make the surface clean and neat. Of course I had to wipe it before I even out the icing; since the spatula doesn’t need to be wet, it only needs to be hot.

So we used the whole day to decorate our cakes. And just before lunch break, I finished decorating my own cake. I ate my lunch in silence while the rest were putting their finishing touches on their cakes. After my lunch, I cleaned up my mess and went over to my classmates’ tables to look at their cakes. They really looked beautiful and colorful. I even thought they were better decorators than I am! Below this paragraph are some pictures of my classmates’ cakes:

Minny mouse cakeSmurf cakeGirl with a star cakeBugs bunny cakeBallerina bear cakeScarecrow cakeMario cakePopeye cakeBear cake 3dCare bear cake

They’re really beautiful, aren’t they? I really wish I could design cakes like my classmates do! Oh well, at least I could practice until I’m as good as them. Below was my own cake that I designed. But it’s not better than the rest!

My own finished cakeMy own finished cake 2
Flower pot cake (cute!) The cake decorating class

Right (the swan) was my own cake that I designed.
So now you have read what I had gone into. I had just gone to a Cake Decorating class and learned about different kinds of tips and decors. You can go to the third post for another story.

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