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Hi! Welcome to my fourth entry of my blog. I am happy you have reached this far. If you still remember my last post, you will know that we went to the(Click Here!) The Healthy Kidchen logo supermarket and the wet market to compare their prices of food. Well, this entry is about a charity: The Healthy Kidchen.

Friday, August 12, 2011

My brother, peeling onionsI woke up very early and saw the sun not rising yet. I lazily walked out of my bedroom and saw mom was up. “There, you are awake. You can take the dog outside now. She’s very noisy.” So I walked to the place where our dog was sitting down. She seemed glad to see me. I untied her and went outside and fastened her leash to her normal place. I went back inside the house and saw mom standing near the dining table, holding four carrots on her hands. “You can peel these while I start boiling the chicken.” You see, we are going to make chicken-egg sandwiches for 65 kids in a school. We had to start really early to make the sandwiches, since the school had recess at 9:00 and we had to be there by 8:00. We haven’t seen the school yet, but I am certain we aren’t going to be lost. The name of the school is Holy Spirit Elementary School. We are going to feed first-graders. Anyway, I was finishedHard-boiled eggs peeling the first carrot and was starting on the second when my brother came out of the room. I have two brothers, and the older one came out. Mom said, ” Now we have another helper. Could you chop the celery and the onions?” He nodded and took the celery, onions, the chopping board, and a large knife. He brought them to the dining table and started chopping. While we were doing all those, my sister came out. I also have two sisters, and one sister is a baby. Mom saw her and asked her if she wanted to help. She nodded, still looking a little sleepy. Mom pointed to a large pot and said, ” There are lots of hard-boiled eggs in there. Take their shells off.” She then started taking the shells off. 😛 ♣

6:30 AM

Celery and carrotsAfter awhile, I finished peeling all of the carrots and put them on a big bowl with the celery. Then I started to help my little sister. My brother also helped us with the eggs. Halfway through, my younger brother emerged from the bedroom. “Help us?” my mom offered, as she put a bowl of boiled, steaming chicken on the table in front of me. He nodded. He walked near to us and started helping. Since we were almost finished with them, he only took the shells off of two eggs. “Please clear the table.”, mom said. I wiped the table and my brothers and sister helped set the table for breakfast. Meanwhile, our mom chopped the carrotsBoiled chicken and put them in a food processor. She also put the celery and the onions and used the food processor to slice them further. She also put the chicken and the eggs in with the vegetables. After they were sliced and mixed together, she  took them out of the food processor and put them in a large, ceramic bowl. She then mixed it with mayonnaise and covered it with a plastic plate. “The spread’s now finished. Let’s eat!”

7:00 AM

(mmm!) My brother eating baconAfter we ate breakfast of scrambled egg and bacon, ( yum! ) we started to fix the table. My brother started peeling cucumbers toThe finished spread go with the spread. I took a big, metal plate and filled it with white bread. Mom spread them with spread and my brother, The Junior Chef, put two slices of peeled cucumber on every slice of bread. My sister covered every slice of bread. We quickly finished every sandwich. I counted them as I packed them. My mom and my sister cleared the table as the Junior Chef packed some bananas in plastic bags. Suddenly, my other younger brother, The Healthy Kidd, emerged from our room carrying his My little sister helpingtowel and just finished taking a bath. “Hey!”, I said as I realised he is the only one that did not help. “You’re the only one who did not help!” my sister said. “You could take a bath right now.” said mom, to the Junior Chef. After he took a bath, my sister came next, then me, and lastly, my mom. Then we all dressed up for the trip to the school. 😉

8:25 AM

We arrived there at 8:25. We then got out of the taxi cab and got our things out from the trunk. As we walked to the principal’s office, we saw lots of kids walking into rooms. Probably their classrooms. The principal saw us. She said, “Hello.” “Are you the principal?” asked mom politely. ” Yes, I am the principal.” she replied, smiling. Then mom quickly explained why they came to the school. “Come to my office.” she said. We followed her to an air-conditioned room. We sat on chairs while the principal, named Principal Dorotea Eseller, talked to our mom. Mom asked me to take a video of the building while my brother took pictures. Then it was now time to feed the children. 😉

8:40 AM

Holy Spirit Elementary SchoolWe gave food to children in three classes.They are Sections 19, 20 and 21. The teacher in Section 19 is Mrs. Bartolay. In Section 20, it’s Mrs. Daus. In Feeding the children Section 21 ,the teacher is Mrs. Garcia. When we fed all the kids in those sections. We gave the extra sandwiches and bananas to the teachers. Then we all went home very happy and content.

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