The Healthy Kidchen / Day two

Hi! Welcome to my fifth entry of my blog. Wow! It’s a good thing we reached the fifth post. That just means (maybe) you like my blog. 🙂 This post is about our charity (again). Hah! So read on to learn what we fed the kids. It’s “slightly” different than the last time (the food, that is!)
August 26, 2011
Now, where to start? Oh yeah, I remember. It’s…
10:00 AM

My mom asked me to help make the spread of the tuna and egg sandwich (“slightly different”, remember? Last time, it was chicken and egg sandwich.) “Sure!” I replied. I put my book (Dork Diariesthat I was reading into my cabinet and walked over to the tables where my brothers and sisters are peeling eggs. Mom asked me to wash the celery. I went to the fridge and took out a bundle of celery. I took off the price and went to the kitchen counter to wash it. When mom saw me going back the table, she asked me to put the celery into the food processor. They were already finished peeling the eggs and now Eco (my brother) was draining tuna and Oz (my other younger brother) was peeling some onions. My youngest sister (Appy, 2 years old), kept teasing my other sister (Zia). Anyway, I finished chopping the celery with the food processor while mom was taking pictures. She also asked me to chop the onions while she cooked our lunch. So I did what she asked me, all the while Zia took pictures. Mom went back to the tables and asked me to fix the table. I went to the dining table and wiped it. Then I put six plates for lunch. I wiped each of them before putting them on each place mats. When I finished setting the table, they also finished making the spread. “Just a few minutes until lunchtime.”, mom said, as she inspected the chicken in the turbo broiler. While we waited, we cleared the tables where we made the spread. After at least 10 minutes, mom all called us to the dining table. As she put the lettuce on the table, she noticed that Appy was the only one who wasn’t at the dining table. She was playing with a dollhouse. Mom called her to the table. She doesn’t want to eat lunch. So we all joined her in calling Appy . Finally, after 5 minutes, she came to the table and climbed up her chair. She started eating. After lunch, we all helped clean the table. Eco washed the dishes while Oz fed Lulu, our dog, with Appy’s leftovers. Then we all took a bath. When we all did, mom asked us to go to sleep. “Just take a rest, and I’ll wake you all up when it’s 2:00.”

“Wake up!”

Us, all doing a job to make sandwichesI heard mom’s voice. I sat up to see Oz and Zia sitting on their beds. I stood up. “What did she say?”, Eco asked sleepily. “She said it’sBread with tuna spread time to make the sandwiches.”, I said. We walked outside. Everything was all set on the dining table, bread and all. We made the sandwiches like last time. Zia and mom was in charge of spreading the tuna spread on the bread. Eco is in charge of covering the bread with a slice. Oz is in charge of putting new slices of bread on plates. And I’m in charge of putting each sandwich in a plastic sandwich bag. All of these were happening while Appy was asleep. We quickly finished 65 sandwiches. But we still had leftover bread slices. So we used them to make 9 more sandwiches for the teachers. All in all, we made 74 sandwiches. We brought them to the A sandwich and a dalandanschool along with 65 dalandans. We took a taxi to the Holy Spirit elementary school. Mom asked a lady in the principal’s officeThe kids are coming! “Where is the principal? We would like to give food to children again.” The lady said, “The principal was somewhere. You could give food again. I’ll ask certain teachers to bring their classes in.” We waited as the lady disappeared down the corridor. The lady brought in 4 classes. One class has 7 pupils. The second one has 7 pupils, too. The third class has 11 pupils. The fourth class has 40 pupils! We gave them out pretty quickly. We gave out the extra sandwiches to the teachers. Then we went home exhausted and thirsty. 🙂

I had a very good experience today. I think I will do it again!Me and my brothers and sister giving food
That’s the second day of our charity. I like it when we give food out to other children. Hey, there’s more: you can also read out my brothers’ blogs. Just click one of these links:
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Thank you for reading! See you till the next post!
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  1. zoeferia says:

    Thank you for reading, everyone! If you give me a link to your blog, I’ll read it. Promise! 😉

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