Chocolate Fantasies class

Ciao, everyone! I think this is an extraordinary entry for me. I attended a baking class again. When I attended, the teacher and the assistants are very nice and I caught on the recipes quickly. They’re very easy and…well, you have to read this post to know everything.
September 12,2011

That day, I started attending classes at Sylvia Reynoso Gala Culinary Studio. The class I enrolled in was the Chocolate fantasies class. Before the class started, assistants handed me and my class some recipes and aprons with our names on them. Then the teacher, Chef Ernest Gala, came into the room. He started by reading out the recipes. Then he asked us who will do each recipe. Everyone did at least one recipe. There are six recipes for that day and there are five students. Someone made Chocolate coated popcorn. I made Sticky Walnut brownies. The other three recipes are: Fudgy cake with icing, Cream cheese filled choco cupcakes, and chunky chocolate cookies. They’re very easy to do. The ingredients are below:↓

I took the pics (↓) just before the beginning of the class. All of the recipes had chocolate in them (of course). I am going to share what I learned near the end of this post, but right now we had to continue on the story.

For the chocolate popcornfor the fudgy cake with icingFor the sticky walnut browniesfor the cream cheese filled chocolate cupcakesfor the chunky chocolate cookies

The first recipe is “chocolate coated popcorn”. It was made by a girl named Eden. She mixed all the ingredients together in a wok. Then she cooked them over low heat while stirring the popcorn to coat them. When it was finished, the assistants used an ice cream scoop to scoop some popcorn. Then they put the scoops on cupcake paper cups. We waited for them to cool down, then we all took our share.

The chocolate mixcooking the popcorncooling the popcorn

The next one is the Fudgy cake with icing. This one is made by another girl named Mayleen. She melted chocolate and butter together in a microwave. She put some of the ingredients in with the choco-butter mixture. (Sorry, I can’t put all the recipes in here. It’s copyrighted.) Below are the pictures I took while she made the cake.↓

The battereggsnuts with the batterWalnuts on topNext is the sticky walnut brownies. I made this one. I also put chocolate and butter on a bowl. I put the bowl inside the microwave. I didn’t take any pictures because, well, you know, I was the one who made the brownies. 😀

Cream cheese filled choco cupcakes is the next one. Krizzia is the next one to make this. This one is my favorite because I like the filling. Pictures:

the cream cheese fillingmaking the cupcake battermix up!cupcake mix...cream cheese mix....cupcake mix

We all helped make the cupcakes. The chunky choco cookies was the last recipe we made for the day. This recipe was made by a man named Martin. These are the pics:

Unbaked cookieschoco chips and walnutsReady to be put in the oven!

We took a break for ten minutes while the desserts are baking. Some of my classmates ate chicken sandwich offered by Chef Ernest Gala. When they finished eating, the fudgy cake was taken out of the oven. Eden went to the kitchen counter to put icing on it. She made chocolate icing and spread it on the cake. Then she put colored sprinkles on top and I took a picture.

Spreading icing on the first layer of cake...putting the second layer....more icing...spread...spread, spread, spread...some sprinkles on top...

...finish!When the cake was finished, an assistant sliced the cake into five pieces. While we took our share, another assistant put the brownies on the counter. She put them on a plate while we took out our cameras.

The brownies are done! We took our share, about four pieces each with 3 extra pieces. The cupcakes came next. 🙂

Wow!They look good. We had 4 pieces each, with no leftover. The cookies came last. They were very big! I also like this one, next to the cupcakes.

choco cookies!I forgot how many cookies we each got, but does it matter?

I left the studio at about 4:20. When we got a taxi, Mom asked me some questions about the day. I showed her the goodies I got. When we got home, I put the desserts in the fridge and we all ate dinner.

We had an amazing day. Everyone is nice, and we all got pics to share with the world. 😉 The desserts we made are very easy to me, but the next post you will see some recipes that are a little, um, hard. Go over to my next latest post after you read this one.
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