My memorable Halloween

Olá to readers! It’s a Halloween week, so this post is about, you guessed it, my Halloween week. That is my first time to go trick or treating, and it’s really exciting.  I gotta write about my Halloween weekend before the holiday ends. So go on, and read about my memorable week.


October 30, 2011


Eco, Oz, Zia, and I at the SM Megamall Halloween Event


Sunday started when we packed our bags. You see, we are going to a hotel and we have our clothes packed in two large bags. I brought another bag along with me and in it were a wig, a hairnet, and Eco’s and Zia’s masks. Zia decided to bring her own mask when it’s time to leave. We put the three bags inside the trunk of a taxi. Then we entered the taxi and the driver drove to Edsa Shangri-la Hotel.We’re already wearing our costumes ’cause when we get to the hotel, we’re going to leave our bags there and go directly to go trick or treating. My costume was a witch, Eco’s costume was a zombie, Oz’s costume was Mr. Bean, and Zia’s costume was a demon. It’s just a short distance from the hotel to the mall, so we walked. We arrived there after about 5 minutes. 🙂


Trick or treat!

There, we found a stall where they sell bags for trick or treating. Mom bought 4 for 35 pesos each. We started to go trick or treating. While we went around the mall, Mom said, “We have to visit 20 stores to get a prize.” You see, we got four lists of the names of the stores-where we could get the candy-with the bags. A person at the counter of each store will sign his or her name beside the name of the store they are in. When we get 20 signatures, we shall go back to the stall where we got the bags and receive a prize there. We started at the food court first. Then we went to the other stores. Some of them have no candy. They said that they will get candy at 12:00 or 1:00. Anyway, we were trick or treating, right? I saw a salon just a few stores ahead. I looked its name up on my list. The name is there, so I said to my companions while pointing, “Over there!”. We went in and said “Trick or treat!”. But before we could get any candy, lots of kids came running into the parlor, shrieking “Trick or treat! Trick or treat! Trick or treat!”. I just realised we were being followed by kids who didn’t buy the bags with the lists that came with it. They followed us because they didn’t know where to go! When we were out of the store, Mom said, “Uh oh, we’re being followed! I know! Let’s stop here for awhile and wait for them to pass.” We did what she said, and it worked perfectly. “Whew!”, Oz said. We continued to go around the mall and we were relieved to finish 20 stores without those kids at sight. 😉


The prizes are a notebook, a poster, and some candy. We each got one of those. Only, the poster is just for boys. But it’s fine for me. I got a lot of candies, and we are also going to attend a Halloween party tomorrow at the hotel. Woohoo! Anyway, we ate lunch at the mall and then walked back to the hotel. In our room, we found Papa and Appy on the bed. It’s such a great day!

October 31, 2011



It’s Halloween, and, as I said earlier, this part is about the Halloween party, Spooky Circus, at Edsa Shangri-la Hotel, Manila. The photos below tells you what the place looked like.

The party at the hotelMagician in a big balloon

It’s amazing, isn’t it? We gave our tickets to the woman, which is 999 pesos per kid. Mom said that she is going to stay outside ’cause parents weren’t allowed. But when the four of us went in, lots of parents are inside the ballroom(the whole place is called the Isla Ballroom). So Mom bought a ticket for Appy and she went in with us. The show started when everyone settled on their seats.

The show was really exciting! There were dancing performances and magic shows. The dance performances are the best. It was called The Lights Out! performance. The dancers danced in the dark with black clothing on and some parts of their clothing were glowing. They danced along with the tunes of the songs. The magic show was amazing, too. But our table was near the back of the stage. So in that way, we kept seeing the secrets of the magician while he was performing! We were still eating while the magic show is on. When we finished eating lunch, we sat near the stage and watched him do tricks like: Magician in a Balloon, CupcakeThe Floating Lady and The Dancing Handkerchief. The show lasted for about 30 minutes, then it’s time to award the kids who had the scariest costumes. We didn’t stay forOz's Halloween cookie that, so there’s nothing else for me to say about that. Outside, we saw a room called The Haunted House. We went in with a guide and a few other guests because the others were still watching. It’s just a short walk through. We saw a crawling lady wearing a white dress, a woman with scary makeup onand a lady lying down on a bed covered in blood. I like that place. When we got back outside, Mom asked someone, ” Where are the places where you could do trick or treat?” The lady replied, ” We have lots of places where you could get goodies. Like the HeatSenju, Summer Palace, and Paparazzi. Those places are on your tickets.” So we went trick or treating. We got juice, lollipops, cupcakes, doughnuts, and candies. Then we did the creepy cookie decorating contest and the booths in the ballroom. After that, we went home with our hands full. We shared our candies with Appy because she didn’t come. Her reason was that she is scared of the costumes. Below are pictures of our goodies that we brought back in the hotel room.

Zia's Halloween cookieMy Halloween cookieEco's Halloween cookieUs at the PaparazziUs at the HeatUs at the SenjuLady in the haunted houseUs with some people

SOME of the goodies we gotOz with his candiesZia and her bear, Mari, infront of some of their goodies

It’s, what it said in the title, memorable. It’s full of fun and sweets.:) Hey, if YOU are looking for a great Halloween party for next year, this is it. 😉 Now, do you still remember that we were staying in the hotel? That’s another topic to talk about. And that is in two words: breakfast, review. Let’s talk about it in the 3rd part of my very loooooooooooong post.

October 30 – November 1, 2011

Sunday – Tuesday

Okay, I’m really tired, but I gotta finish this right now. I’m gonna stop the colors right now and concentrate on the hotel’s food.

Every day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner is served at the Heat in the Edsa Shangri-la Hotel. The breakfast of the hotel is the one I’m gonna tell you about. It’s a buffet, and it consists of fruits, pastries, sushi, and other food that we normally (and don’t normally) eat for breakfast. They are delicious, the presentation is pretty, and it’s still warm when we arrived there. I ate omelette, which I asked to be cooked with cheese and ham; bacon, hash brown, and others. But what I really like was the pastries. There’s almond roll,Donuts, donuts, donuts sugar donuts, chocolate donuts, regular white bread, brown bread, sushiblueberry danish, mango danish, and lots more. The ones that I ate are: a blueberry danish, a chocolate croissant, a chocolate donut, and a mango danish. They’re worth to try, because some of them are the ones I haven’t tasted yet. Especially the chocolate croissant. Chocolate in the inside and confectioners sugar onDragonfruitMelons the outside. It’s plain, but good. It’s not too sweet. I’ll give it five stars. Next, the blueberry danish. It’s blueberry jam that they used on top. It’s a little too sweet, so I’m gonna give it four stars. Then the mango danish. I really like it because mangoes are my favorite. But the mangoes are quite…sour. So I’ll give it four stars as well, same as the blueberry danish. I like the food and the service. If you are going here, I hope you’ll like it as much as I did.

It’s a wonderful stay at the hotel, wasn’t it? Trick or treating, Halloween, hotel, and just having fun. If you really like my post, you will also like my brothers’ AND my sister’s post by clicking the link below.

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  1. ecoferia says:

    Love the blog, Zoe! PS. The bags are P35 , not P10

  2. ecoferia says:

    YOu worked hard on this! Keep it up!

  3. You did a really great job here, Zoe. You seem to have worked very hard on it. Keep it up! YOu tell great stories…very detailed…..keep it up!

  4. zoeferia says:

    Thank you for reading, everyone! If you give me a link to your blog, I’ll read it. Promise! 😀

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