The Trip to the Outback

I am sooo sorry guys! It was a looooooong time since I last wrote in my blog. I had to get ready for a test. Now that it’s over, I could write again. My apologies! I haven’t even greeted you properly! So, welcome to this post. My blog post for today is about, not a trip to Australia, as you probably thought, but a visit to a restaurant called the Outback. Sorry to disappoint you guys, but anyway, happy reading!
April 7, 2012

It was my younger sister’s birthday. So, as a birthday present, Papa booked two adjoining rooms for three days and two nights. We were happy, because to us, hotel meant swimming in the huge pool. We were looking forward on that one, since it was scorching hot! We packed our bags and headed toward Shangri-la Hotel. When we arrived there, we checked in and left our bags in our rooms. Then we left the hotel for lunch. We went to Dads, a buffet restaurant. After eating, we shopped for goggles and swimsuits. After that, we went back to the hotel.

In the evening, we went out for dinner. We arrived at the Outback, a combination of a restaurant and a bar with an Australian theme. It was dim inside. The walls were painted to look like wood. There  were paintings of Australian animals, like a kangaroo and a wallaby, a painting of colorful houses, a map of Australia, and a painting of an Australian desert. The men’s restroom is called ” blokes “, while the ladies’ restroom is called “sheilas”.

The Outback restaurant!

The Outback Steakhouse resautaurant and bar.

Australian desert

A painting of an Australian desert.

Map of Australia

A photo of the map of Australia.

Men's restroom

For blokes only.

Ladies' restroom

For sheilas only.

We sat down at a table for seven and ordered food. I ordered Grilled Chicken Sandwich w/fries. Zia, the birthday girl, ordered Fish Sandwich w/fries. Oz ordered Toowoomba pasta. Eco ordered Alice Springs Chicken. Papa ordered a Garlic Ribeye Steak, while Mom ordered 1/2 slab Baby Back Ribs. My youngest sister, Appy, didn’t order anything because she was supertired.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich w/fries

My meal: Grilled Chicken Sandwich w/fries

Alice Springs Chicken

Eco's order: Alice Springs Chicken

Toowoomba Pasta

Oz's order: Toowoomba Pasta

Fish Sandwich w/ fries

Zia's meal: Fish Sandwich w/ fries

Garlic Ribeye Steak

Papa's order: Garlic Ribeye Steak

1/2 slab Baby Back Ribs

Mom's order: Baby Back Ribs

Bushman's Honey bread

Bushman's Honey bread

Combination Appetizer

The Combination Appetizer plate

We ordered a Combination Appetizer for us to eat while our meals were being cooked. They also served Honey Wheat Bushman’s Bread. We ate until our food arrived. Appy was already asleep at that time. We started to eat. My meal was delish! It had caramelized onions, two slices of Swiss cheese, some lettuce, slices of tomatoes and, of course, chicken. My chicken was slightly burnt, but still tasted good! Soon we finished eating. I’m so full! Everyone looked satisfied, too. My Mom asked the waiter to wrap up the ribs’ leftovers for our dog, Lulu.

When we were about to leave, some waiters emerged from the kitchen, singing the “Happy Birthday!” song to Zia! One of them was carrying a cup with ice cream and a lit candle on top. They set the cup on the table in front of my sister. And when the song ended, Zia blew out the candle. Everyone at our table clapped. Zia and Eco ate the ice cream, because Zia couldn’t finish it. When they finished, we began to leave. But before we left, we said our thanks to the waiters.

That was the first time me and my family went to the Outback. I like that restaurant. The atmosphere is really friendly. Anyway, thanks for reading this post! I really appreciate it! Please tell your friends about my blog. I would really use some more dedicated readers.
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