To Lolo Rafael:

Happy Father’s Day, Lolo! How are you and Lola? We hope you’re happy and healthy. As for us, we’re fine. You haven’t missed out much.  We took PEPTs this month. We really hope we passed them! Also, I took Theater classes, Eco and Oz took Arnis classes, Zia took Art classes, and Happy took Ballet classes. We had fun in all of them. Oh, yeah, we also made 3 Yakisoba videos for a contest (have you seen them?). Too bad we didn’t win. We got 5,000 pesos and loot bags for being in the Top 12, though. That is good enough for me. 😀

How about you? How are you over there in America? How are our aunts, uncles, lolos, lolas, and cousins doing? We miss you here (a lot!). We hope to hear from you soon.

We love you, Lolo Rafael! Happy Father’s Day once again!

Lolo and I

From your granddaughter,

Zoe 😉



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