About Me

Me (three years old)This space is about me.  Read on to learn who I am and why I wrote this blog.

Name: Gabrielle Rianna Munoz Feria

Age: 13

Birthday: November 10, 1998

Hobbies: Reading, writing, baking and decorating cakes

I like writing, reading, and, of course, baking. I have two brothers, named Eco and Oz, two sisters, named Zia and Appy and a shih tzu dog, named Lulu. I am the eldest child in my family. I chose to read, write, bake and decorate cakes because those are my hobbies. I also would want to practice to decorate cakes.

Why I wrote this blog

I wrote this blog because:

  • I want everyone to learn what I bake and why I like to decorate cakes, cookies, brownies and cupcakes.
  • I want everyone to learn how to decorate cakes, too.
  • I would like everyone to know what I do in my life.

So now you know me. After you read this you can start reading my blog and learn all about baking and decorating (and maybe, learn about other things I want to share.). And you can also check out my brothers’ and sister’s blogs by clicking one of these links:

I also hope you would like reading their blogs and mine, too! 🙂

See you on my first post!

One Response to “About Me”
  1. zoeferia says:

    Thank you for reading, everyone! If you give me a link to your blog, I’ll read it. Promise! 😉

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