Valentine Doughnuts

Hi guys! I know, I know, I haven’t been posting since New year. I am a little busy these days. I am very sorry, really! So today, I am going to give you two posts, and I am going to finish it as fast as I could. This one’s about doughnuts. Sorry for the very … Continue reading

Chocolate Fantasies class

Ciao, everyone! I think this is an extraordinary entry for me. I attended a baking class again. When I attended, the teacher and the assistants are very nice and I caught on the recipes quickly. They’re very easy and…well, you have to read this post to know everything. September 12,2011 That day, I started attending classes at … Continue reading

Crepes (Ooh lala!)

Hiah! Today we made orange crepes. We each made our own crepes and our own arrangements. I’ll give you the crepe recipe and the chocolate syrup recipe. Now that’s a real treat! YUM! September 5,2011 We started making crepes in the evening. Mom made the batter and the syrup just before dinner. These are the recipes … Continue reading

Carrot cupcakes (Mmm!)

This time, it’s carrot cupcakes for the kids. Today’s Thursday and we’re going to make carrot cupcakes for the kids tomorrow. We started today because….well, you have to read this entry to learn why. September 8,2011 Now, we started today because we do not want to hurry tomorrow to be on time. We started baking … Continue reading

Oatmeal Cookies and Bananas

Welcome to everyone! I’m glad you’ve reached this far. My family feeds kids in the Holy Spirit Elementary school weekly (every Friday, 3:30). Baking oatmeal cookies is a lot harder than making sandwiches, as we found out at the end of the day. September 2, 2011   We had breakfast of canned tuna in the morning. … Continue reading

No Bake Cookies!

Hello to everyone! Now that we’ve finally returned to baking, let’s read about no bake cookies. August 13,2011    I started making cookies that afternoon. Mom wanted me to bake cookies, but I said, “I think I’m going to bake something new.” “Okay. You can look in the iPad.” “Okay.”, I replied, as I walked to … Continue reading

My Cake Decorating Class 2

Hi! Welcome to the second part of ” My Cake decorating Class”. ♣ ♥ ♦ ♠ Today started with me and my mom walking in the building. It was still 7:00 and my class starts at 9:00. Mom asked me, “Do you want something to eat?” I agreed. Me and my mom went to a … Continue reading

My Cake Decorating Class / Day 1

     Hi! Today is the day when I went to my cake decorating class to decorate cakes. I went to Chef Heny Sison‘s cake decorating class with my mom. When we went inside the building, we saw people cleaning and fixing the kitchen and some tables. We went upstairs. Mom paid a woman at … Continue reading