The Healthy Kidchen

Hi! This page is about a charity. We have been feeding kids since August this year. Read on, readers, to learn about my family’s charity, The Healthy Kidchen.
The Healthy Kidchen logoName of charity: The Healthy Kidchen (photo)

Date it started: August 12, 2011

The Healthy Kidchen is a charity run by family.We feed school kids once every week(every Friday). We feed the kids in a school called Holy Spirit Elementary School. The first time we fed kids was August 12, 2011. That day, we gave out chicken sandwiches and ripe bananas to 65 Grade 2 children. The second day was August 26, 2011. We fed tuna sandwiches and dalandans. The third day was oatmeal cookies and bananas. The date of the third day was September 2, 2011. Then it was September 9, 2011. Carrot cupcakes and juice was what we fed that day. We like to feed kids because we were able to help them grow, think, and learn better by eating healthy foods. We knew that those kids weren’t able to think clearly with empty stomachs, that’s why we created The Healthy Kidchen. We hope to help kids to learn better, grow better, and think better so they can get high grades and lots of honors. Supporting The Healthy Kidchen is going to be a great honor for you, too, because you are able to help lots of kids. In the future, we hope to see those children grow into healthy and intelligent young people.

This is The Healthy Kidchen- where kids cook for kids.
Please note:
You can support our charity by sending donations to:
Charmagne M. Feria
Bank of the Philippine Islands
0429 2477 99 
You may also send donations in kind.  You may contact my mom at :
And also:
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Au Revoir, everyone!
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    Thank you for reading, everyone! If you give me a link to your blog, I’ll read it. Promise! 😉

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